Thursday, July 15, 2010

Costa Rica!

A Trip to Paradise!

Can a birthday gift be any better? In the early hours of Saturday June 12th, I packed my flipflops, suntan lotion and sketchbook and met my sister Jasmine and brother in law Michael at jfk to get on a plane to Costa Rica. Not just any trip but a 9-day trip to paradise...yes!

While waiting to board the plane - I made a quick drawing of the jets which were looking a lot like large metallic birds, and pleasantly anticipated the next few days...I knew so many people that had been to Costa Rica who raved about so many different things. And everything is wonderful and the best - from surfing to nature to food to people to cost-and only a 5-hour plane ride away!

When it was our turn to check in at the counter, I almost tripped over my brother in law’s baggage - a 10-foot long soft metallic case containing a couple of surfboards. Michael is an avid surfer and has been to Costa Rica many times in the past. He will be our tourguide.

We landed in San Jose which was in the middle of lush mountains. It was 76 degrees!

We had to wait awhile for our rental car, so I drew the trees across the way. A dragonfly appeared and landed on my sister’s totebag. Hmm, hello to you too! 

Our first activity was to drive to Jaco, about 1 1/2 hours away. We drove through green mountains. 

We stopped at an eatery high up in the mountain with an incredible view of the valley. A lady in a pretty flower-print dress served us casados, or platters of food, consisting of rice, fried plantains, beans, salad and chicken, beef or fish. I had the fish and a mango smoothie -Yum! 


  1. Oooh, I hope you had a great time in paradise!

  2. It was heaven. I didn't want to leave!