Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

The first day of Chinese New Year is always my favorite. Chinatown becomes even more crowded than usual with revelers. But the kids steal the show. Little Chinese toddlers and babies dressed in traditional silk garments decorated with dragons frolic on Mott Street - rattling noisemakers and mimicking lion dancers, not seeming to mind the below-freezing temperature.

This was the scene in front of the Chinese Community Center on Mott Street.

Snow Days

The day after Christmas 2010 blizzard - the first of many snow storms in the East Coast. If you live here, you've probably been seeing a lot of white, or in some cases, icky gray or brown. The sun had started to come out when I made this watercolor, just as the snow died down. The plows had not come around so the snow stayed white for quite a while. The neighborhood looked so pretty. 

Hadn't drawn people in a while so I practiced a bit in the subway.   

More Shoppers

Black Friday 2010 (day after Thanksgiving)