Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion Week in New York

At Lincoln Center....

Downtown on Hudson Street....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fashion Week

The floating world of fashion has descended upon Lincoln Center in the form of fashion week. Since this year, Lincoln Center is the new locale for this much anticipated biannual event. I did not have any tickets to see the shows inside the tents but outside on the Lincoln Center Plaza, there was plenty of theatrical fashion to draw.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day shoppers

Labor Day one of the busiest shopping days of the year, is a great day to draw people and fashion. So I headed down to Herald Square to do just that.

And although it means the end of summer and vacation fun, it's also the beginning of fall activity. Stores and store windows were showing off the latest fall trends - an exciting time for kids of all ages, especially for teens and tweens who love friends and fashion. Thirty-fourth street was giddy with back to school excitement. 

These two girls in the subway were about fourteen years old and probably best friends. They seemed to be really excited about being back to school, although I could not understand one word they were saying. 

Costa Rica - Fruit Trees

Another of Costa Rica's marvels are its abundant fruit farms and orchards. The first day of our trip, we saw palm groves that stretched for miles. By the end of the trip we had seen coconut, banana, avocado, mango and many more fruit farms. Coconut, banana and papaya trees randomly grow on the sides of roads and dot the countryside and yards of neighborhoods. And while most locals live in very modest structures which are little more than open air shanties, their yards in contrast are lush and fertile, usually consisting of several fruit trees such as coconut, mango, banana and avocado. There was an avocado tree in front of our house in Pavones the size of an oak tree!

Costa Rica - Wildlife

My sister and I visited the national reserve at Manuel Antonio, about an hour north of Pavones. A small area of the park is open for walking tours (so that the rest can be preserved as unspoiled as possible). Sloths are common throughout Costa Rica but they're usually shy and hidden up in the trees. However I swear this one sloth at the park, a female, liked the paparazzi. When a crowd formed in front of her tree, snapping pictures and oohing and aaahing, she slowly climbed down the tree and took a closer look at us. She stuck her head out and panned the crowd with her squinty eyes, delighting us all and surprising the tour guides. What a thrill!

The sleeping sloths looked like balls of beige fur hanging from the tree branches.