Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer 2013 - Launch of the Morgan

The Charles Morgan historic whaleship was launched at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, 
Sunday, July 21, 2013. Attendees and spectators came by sea and land.

The Morgan on the ship lift, at river's edge, as if departing from the shipyard where years of hard work and careful renovations took place.

The morning of the launch began with rain showers and music.

The rain had stopped by the start of the ceremony. Volunteers sat on either side of the ship's hull listening to speeches by special guests, including Sarah Bullard, the great great great granddaughter of Charles Wain Morgan, the original ship's owner. Quentin Snediker, the director of the renovation, stood alongside Sarah while she read her speech, holding a colorfully ribboned bottle filled with water from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. 

Sarah christened the ship by smashing the colorful bottle against the Morgan's keel.

The Morgan is slowly lowered into the water as Quentin looks on. Two young volunteers dutifully held on to her line during the whole process.

The ship became afloat and the entire seaport cheered!
Three ladies from the 19th century magically appeared out of nowhere 
(to my delight and astonishment) and joined the festivities. 

Summer 2013 - Coney Island

Hot dog eating contest! Hot, loud, crowded, wacky fun!

Summer 2013 - Renaissance fair NY

All matters medieval and then some!! 

I loved the fashions!

This was my first Ren-fair and I was blown away. The costumes and theatricality were impressive.

Special thanks to my friend April for inviting me to come out and draw. 

Summer 2013

Picnic with family at Central Park - Belvedere castle at the great lawn.