Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Costa Rica - Wildlife

My sister and I visited the national reserve at Manuel Antonio, about an hour north of Pavones. A small area of the park is open for walking tours (so that the rest can be preserved as unspoiled as possible). Sloths are common throughout Costa Rica but they're usually shy and hidden up in the trees. However I swear this one sloth at the park, a female, liked the paparazzi. When a crowd formed in front of her tree, snapping pictures and oohing and aaahing, she slowly climbed down the tree and took a closer look at us. She stuck her head out and panned the crowd with her squinty eyes, delighting us all and surprising the tour guides. What a thrill!

The sleeping sloths looked like balls of beige fur hanging from the tree branches.


  1. Hi jen! Oh, I love these drawings!! I love the way that little paw is gripping the vine! It looks like you had a beautiful trip, thanks for sharing your drawings :)

  2. Hi Sara! Thanks so much! It was a gorgeous trip.