Sunday, July 18, 2010

Costa Rica - Pavones

This is the house where we stayed. It had a lanai, a pool and really great amenities. And it was situated on a hill at the edge of a minimally developed area. We saw lots of wildlife within the house's property. A dirt pathway about 200 yards long, bordered on either side by shanties and small farms led straight down to the beach.

A local resident (there are lots of them and they are generally friendly) befriended us and humbly begged for food donations.

My sketchbook fell in the Rio Claro when Jasmine and I took a guided riverwalk (we didn’t actually think we would be walking IN the river!).

Our last full day at Pavones, we went to the internet cafe in town. In addition to internet you could purchase pastries and huge smoothies. The proprietor was serving us until he became distracted by a really good wave. He promptly grabbed his surfboard and disappeared into the beach. While my brother-in-law surfed, Jasmine surfed the web and I drew the surfers at the cafe. Later, I told Michael that I made a drawing of a "salty dog" at the cafe that may have seen one too many waves. He was wearing a baseball cap, had a very tanned complexion and was typing away on his laptop while watching the surf. He told me that he is a surfing champion who now owns a surf business. Imagine that!


  1. great sketches, loved finding this blog. the Times Square series is really beautiful

  2. Thanks so much Isabel. I appreciate it!

  3. Thanks Danielle!! It's a beautiful country.