Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autumn at Kissena Park

I took advantage of the 60-degree weather to capture the colors of autumn at one of my favorite local destinations, Kissena Park, located in Flushing, New York. This wonderful park was once a tree farm which supplied many of the trees that now grow in the parks and neighborhoods of Queens and even in Central and Prospect Parks.

A part of the park has been preserved as a historic grove. The trees in this area were left over from the old farm and grew in linear rows in groups of 4 and 5. Some of the trees fused into multi stemmed trees, like banyans! 

Kissena Lake... 

Beehive in an oak tree. The surface looked like smooth layers of paper.

This red hawk swooped down a few feet from me and perched on a branch, then surveyed the surroundings. 


  1. I love these drawings Jen! And now that Chris and I will be Queens residents I can't wait to go to this park!!! :D

  2. Awesome Evan! You won't be disappointed - Thanks!